Transport / Mobility

Delivering revolutionary and sustainable mobility solutions.

There are very few industries that have seen the kind of rapid evolution, even revolution that mobility has seen in the last decade. When we think of transport and mobility it now emcompasses so much more than the automotive sector. We have seen new players in the electric vehicle market, like Tesla and Rivian, turn the entire car industry on its head. In the same decade we have seen the automotive industry become one of the largest exhibitors and supporters of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), proving that it is now one of the most important consumer technology sectors. Mobility is now multimodal and revolutions are occurring in the technology supporting that mobility, like scooters, e-bikes and autonomous vehicles, as well as in the use and ownership models, as millennials opt for shared or pay-per-use models rather than traditional ownership.


The transport sector is far from the slow moving car industry of the last century. It is now a fast moving, innovative sector where speed to market is valued alongside the traditions of reliability, quality and certification. Companies working in this sector need to be able to innovate fast and deliver solutions that work, while navigating regulations and certifications to ensure product quality. With the necessary certifications and approvals and skills learned in the automotive sectors and other fast moving technologies, Microart is able to move fast from design to product, while maintaining that peace of mind associated with a long term partner in a mission critical industry

Our client Transport / Mobility solutions include:

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