Managing Your Complete Contract Assembly Requirements

We are an electronic manufacturing and design services company providing PCB layout, bare board manufacturing, PCB assembly testing and box build for your proto-type and low-to-mid volume productions.


  • D.O. - President
    Mark, Just thought I would let you know how much I appreciate all of Microart's support over the many years I have been using your company helping get my many customer projects from the prototype stage to production! You guys have been able to do the impossible at times getting me prototypes & small production runs in crazy time frames, as some times my customers just can't grasp how difficult it actually is to get good quality assemblies fast. I have used many assembly shops over my long career, and you guys are simply the best hands down.
    D.O. - President
  • B.P. - C.O.O.
    Since first engaging Microart for prototypes to now building hundreds each month for us, their capabilities have continually grown to meet our needs, quality is consistently high, and the commitment of everyone who works on our product, from operator to program manager, makes Microart feel like its an extension of our own company. Microart is an important part of our growth.
    B.P. - C.O.O.
  • R.S.
    I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your hard work and effort towards producing so many boards in such short time. I am thrilled with the level and quality of service you have provided. I'd like to thank everybody involved in the project for their flexibility and short reaction time to the changing requirements. I look forward to continue working with you and I keep recommending Microart Services to anyone needing high quality Electronic Manufacturing Services.

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