Space and Aerospace

Innovations that literally knows no limits

Few industries capture the imagination and the spirit of innovation more than the space industry. Since July 20th, 1969 when the US landed men on the moon and planted the stars and stripes the space industry has delivered game changing technologies to the entire world, creating opportunities for technology companies to capitalise on the kind of blue sky research which is rarely seen in a commercial environment. And now space travel has become an industry beyond just governments, as the private sector, led by companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, join the race. Meanwhile the aerospace industry continues to develop and innovate looking for commercial air travel solutions that are efficient and sustainable into the future.


Like some other sectors, space and aerospace have something in common. They both combine the brightest minds working creatively to think outside the box and develop radical solutions with the kind of engineering that is needed to deliver robust safe products. Few industries have the level of certification, regulation and control that this industry has. And few have such a mission critical role to play in our future. For those reasons, Microart is proud to be approved to work in these industries and proud to have enjoyed successful partnerships that deliver products all the way from ideation to manufactured and deployed solutions.

Our client Space and Aerospace solutions include:

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