Automation that improves and augments the human experience.

Whether it is robots that vacuum your floor, cut your grass, sanitize hospitals, deliver packages or assemble complex products, robotics is rapidly becoming a part of everyday life. The industry has grown rapidly over recent years with new applications being added on an almost daily basis. Sensing and vision technology, combined with use of AI to control movement and make automation more adaptable are ensuring this industry continues to boom. What’s more the use of cobots, or collaborative robots is taking industrial robotics out of the controlled environment and bringing them into the workplace.


Robotics is certainly a sector of rapid innovation, but it is one that needs a disciplined approach to ensure the products that are deployed are reliable and safe as well as performing to the highest level possible. At Microart we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. As a designer, manufacturer, and perhaps more importantly, a user of automation we know what it takes to design a build a solution that meets the demand of performance as well as suiting the environment it will be deployed in.

Thanks to our deep domain knowledge in electronics and mechanics, we can enable our customers in the robotics space to deliver new ideas to the market, safe in the knowledge they are reliable and fit for the purpose they have been designed for.

Our client Robotic solutions include:

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