Delivering power in an innovative and more sustainable way

The way we produce, store and deliver the energy we use is changing fast and remains high on the agenda of industrialists, innovators, the general public and even politicians. As we move to make energy available, reliable, inclusive, and more environmentally friendly every sector of the industry is having to innovate at an unprecedented speed. There are numerous technical advances occurring in the way energy is sourced as wind and solar become mainstream. How we distribute energy, especially to more remote locations, is changing. Smart meters and smart grids are changing the way we sell energy. And battery technology is changing the way we store energy.


Combining an understanding of the way energy is produced, suited and distributed right through to the use of IoT in it’s management are just elements of the deep knowledge and skills that Microart has developed in the energy industry. Delivering products that are industrial on the one hand and fit for consumer use on the other sets this sector apart from others.

Our Energy solutions include:

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