Broadcast & Communication

Connecting people, products and solutions in an increasingly competitive digital world

The broadcast and communications industry is complex, and regulation, rapidly changing protocols and communications standards and new consumer demand are all adding to that complexity. But thanks to the rapid deployment of IoT and 5G, plus a desire to modernize infrastructure for an IoT ready world, the industry is packed with opportunity and innovation.


As those in the industrial world look to update their solutions to leverage the technologies available they need a partner that can rapidly innovate while ensuring products come to the market ‘production ready’ and with the reliability to meet the demands of discerning customers.

Microart has considerable experience and knowledge in this sector and is, of course, a user of industrial automation as well as a manufacturer of it, bringing together expertise in electronics and mechanical assembly. We understand what it takes to bring an industrial product to the market, how to develop the right manufacturing procedures and test protocols, while designing and implementing the ideal supply chain to meet the flexibility required to meet industrial demand cycles.

Our Broadcast & Communication solutions include:

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