Where traditional farming values meet rapid innovation and gamechanging technology

Agriculture isn’t what it used to be. Automation, data analytics and even AI are changing the way the industry operates, creating new efficiencies that will help those in the sector deliver feed to demands of the future. Connectivity, GPS, autonomous driving, automation, sensing and data management are all changing the face of agriculture to make it more efficient and more productive.


The agriculture industry is about as fundamental to our way of life as it gets. The sector literally provides that sustenance that keeps us all alive. But this traditional industry has changed on an industrial scale and over recent years has embraced technology to drive a period of unprecedented improvements in performance, thanks to the deployment of key ingredient technologies.

At Microart we understand these technologies can drive real change and we have worked with those technologies since we first started manufacturing products. But we also know that these products will find their way into challenging environments and must be both reliable and robust.

We help our customers design and manufacture solutions that will meet the demands of the agriculture industry on their terms. We deliver reliability, performance through new technology, and sustainability thanks to more data and a greater understanding of the impact of farming techniques.

Our client Agriculture solutions include:

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